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Multi-Positional Hydronic Two-Stage Vertical Combination Packaged Unit

Multi-Positional Hydronic Two-Stage Vertical Combination Packaged Unit

GCT Model

All The Comfort. All the Flexibility.

Our combination systems merge a forced air heating and cooling system with the indulgence of whisper-quiet radiant floor heating in a single unit. This system allows your family to enjoy the comfort of floor-warming, hydronic heat in specific parts of your home while also delivering efficient forced air heating in other areas. As with all GeoComfort geothermal systems, air conditioning is also supplied by this single unit.

However, our continual drive of industry leadership and innovation has made a great unit even better. We’ve also solved another age-old issue: Formicary Corrosion. All GCT models are now produced with a standard all-aluminum microchannel air coil by Delphi®.

Unit Features:

  • 5 Sizes: 024,036,048,060,072
  • Multi-position cabinet (left return, right return, uplow, downflow convertible)
  • Copeland UltraTech® 2-stage scroll compressor
  • Hydronic heating function
  • Factory supplied 1” thick filter rack and MERV 8 pleated air filter
  • R-410a zero-ozone depletion refrigerant
  • All-aluminum microchannel air coil
  • Composite, antimicrobial drain pan
  • Rugged, steel cabinet
  • Remoted mounted controls
  • ECM blower motor
  • Desuperheater with internal pump
  • Double O-ring fittings (source side)
  • Optional cupronickel coax
  • Standard 10/10/5 warranty + free warranty upgrade
  • Optional Limited Lifetime Microchannel Air Coil and Compressor Warranty